5 Essential Elements For mooncake boxes

Paper boxes are fun to create and can be adapted in a number of ways. This box can be produced in various sizes depending on the size and consists of two sheets of square paper. Simply follow the tutorial and you will have a box.

These make great gift boxes and are also ideal for wedding or party favors. You may customize the boxes with rubber stamps and embellishments if you like.

This is a clever design for a box which may be adapted to any size of square. You'll begin by making the lid, then repeat the folds using a piece of paper to produce the base. Sides, the top, bottom and even the folds for the interior can be stamped.

Any paper can be utilised as long as it's a square. The box will always end up a quarter of the size of the square when measured from corner to corner. Practice on scrap paper and maintain any boxes to try rubber stamp positions and techniques.

Begin of paper or cardstock with any size square.

Draw two lines from corner to corner. Don´t worry about marking the newspaper as the marks will be on the interior and won't be seen.

Try using a bone folder tool to help make a crisp fold, as you begin to fold the paper. This will give you a great quality finish.

In turn, fold each corner.

Crease the fold.

Be careful when folding the line to not be folded to by the third and fourth corners. You would like the point to stretch into the side of the square of the corner.

Twist the corner to the line that the first fold made on the opposite side.

Repeat for each corner.

At this point, you should be seeing a series of squares created by the various folds. You will now mooncake boxes need to finish off that with one set of folds.

Fold each corner to meet with the line that is closest.

Make indicated in the picture. It makes no difference which corners are used as long as they are opposite each other.

Now is the best time to stamp the box. Remember to leave enough time for the ink to dry before finishing the box.

With your paper you are ready to fold the box. A dab of glue will help hold the folds in place this isn't essential.

Fold the two corners to the middle without cuts.

Fold the very same edges up as shown to form two of the box's sides.

Fold the two pieces to the middle of the box. This will securely hold the box together and there is no need.

Now you can earn a foundation for the box in the same way, with the lid finish. But this time you'll cut the square .

Finish the box if you prefer. Try adding vases that are stamped, or stamp a ribbon and tie it to top the boxes.

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